Build acronym lists in a snap!

The acronym extraction tool you’ve been waiting for.

Acronytor scans your document for acronyms by type and can look for the definition from your preferred master list.


Acronytor Mockup

Ideal for…

  • Technical writers
  • Proposal managers
  • Anyone dealing with large documents and lots of confusing acronyms

Easy to Use

  • Make a labor intensive and error prone process simple and automated
  • Able to sift through hundred page documents in minutes to create your master acronym list


  • 4-step process 
  • Produces an editable table with the acronym, definition, and page number
  • Drastically speed up the process by eliminating the need to create your acronym list from scratch

Acronytor 4-Step Process

step 1: Select your document
step 2: choose acronym types to include
step 3: select master acronym list
step 4: extract!

Video Preview