Designed to increase transparency and shared understanding, use CabuzMeeting to turn your meetings into productive events driven by action creation and task completion.

Meetings are an essential to business–utilize the collective knowledge of stakeholders and channel your meetings to create shared understanding, action-driven dialogue, and company synchronization.

Productive Meetings

  • Common understanding among stakeholders
  • Action driven dialogue among participants
  • Concrete actions and due dates

Organizational Benefits

  • Single, unified, and verified documentation of meeting
  • Emailed copy of meeting minutes and action items to all participants
  • Transparent action items emailed to action assignee


  • Action items emailed to formats compatible to Outlook, gmail, and iCal
  • Web-based (access from anywhere)


Purchasing Options

CabuzMeeting Personal

CabuzMeeting Personal gives you full access to CabuzMeeting for a single user. Keep records of your meetings, send them to attendees, and assign action items, all from your personal dashboard.



We’re confident that once you start using CabuzMeeting you’ll wonder how you ever held meetings without it. If you are unsatisfied with our product we will refund your purchase within the first 10 days. No questions asked.

CabuzMeeting Enterprise

CabuzMeeting Enterprise allows administrative users to see all meetings and action items that every CabuzMeeting user in your organization has created. It’s a simple way to keep track of multiple users and stay in the know, no matter how many meetings you’re managing.

Enterprise Pricing

We will provide a cost-effective custom solution to optimize your corporate requirements.
Please contact us for custom solutions for your corporate requirements.