CabuzTime is a user-friendly, web-based timesheet/time-tracking service that is great for all size businesses. This is proven software that is scalable and adaptable for your business needs.

CabuzTime was established in 2004. Previously known as PT Timesheet, it has successfully supported over 1000 customers for over 10 years.

Using our software, companies have been able to successfully pass multiple DCAA audits. Our intuitive software also helps companies generate useful reports and turn data into actionable information.



Proven, Compliant, Scalable, and Secure

  • DCAA Compliant
  • 10+ years of proven use
  • Scalable for your business needs
  • Nightly data back-up
  • Weekly off-site storage

Easy Reporting

  • Expense Reporting
  • Owners of job numbers get special budget reports

Compatible Exporting

  • Export to Quickbooks
  • Export to payroll systems
  • Export in Excel™ and Peachtree™

Simple to Use

  • Easy Admin Functions
  • Web-based (access from anywhere)

Perfect for Any Business Size

  • No size limitation-We can grow with your business
  • No minimum employee quantity
  • No long-term contract

Helpful Tracking

  • Tracking and Accrual of PTO/Vacation/Sick Leave
  • Email notifications sent to delinquent employees
  • Multi-level job classifications (jobs and sub-jobs)

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What Our Users Say


Seaman, Shinkunas & Lindgren, P.C. partners with Cabuz to provide excellent accounting and financial service to customers.

Cabuz and SSL, PC believe that building relationships is key to providing not only support, but also mutual growth and success. We are excited to have SSL, PC as our Cabuz Partner because we both believe in long-term solutions: solutions that increase efficiency in necessary tasks in order for clients to be better able to focus on the core of their businesses.

SSL, PC has been in business for over 20 years serving diverse industries including government contractors, non-profit, construction, medical, and commercial companies. Additionally, SSL, PC employs many QuickBook Pro-Advisors and has been recommending CabuzTime as a software tool to integrate with QuickBooks for DCAA compliant time keeping. SSL, PC recommends CabuzTime for companies because it is straightforward, efficient, and scalable for your business needs.

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